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Some recent patient reviews for Dr. Michael Apton


Dr. Michael Apton received some great new reviews and we wanted to share them with you. We also wanted to extend a warm and heart-felt thank you to all our patients who take the time to give us feedback. Thank you for your kind words and for the trust you place in each of us.

5 stars, guaranteed satisfaction!

Dr Apton's practice has the upmost professionalism and knowledgeable staff! Dr. Apton is truly a gifted doctor with the children's best interest in mind. His practice is honest, sincere and truly comforting to any parent whose child needs these services.
- Christian

5 stars, Great Doctor and Staff

Dr. Apton is an exceptional orthodontist who always provides feedback regarding the progress of treatment. I have always found his staff to be very friendly and welcoming. They are very accomodating and take the time to anwer any questions I or my children may have. My children enjoy the open plan of the treatment room as it makes them very comfortable and reduces any initial anxiety. Great Doctor and Staff!
- Theresa B.

5 stars, highly recommend Dr Apton and Staff

Dr Apton is an extremely knowledgeable and professional. The office is very clean and the staff is professional, friendly and accomodating. I would highly recommend Dr. Apton as my fourth child is now seeing him. My kids like going to the office because it has such a nice atmosphere. My kids receive top notch care and that makes me happy.
- Christopher S.

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